The Battle Over Lithium Isn’t a Fair Fight with China Dominating the Supply Chain From End-to-End.

The Biden administration’s green energy fantasies could burst quickly if the Cold War with China heats up.

But you could reap profits despite the falling market and the recession by investing in this under-the radar lithium company today.

Shrewd investors are in a position to potentially profit from the Biden administration’s energy folly. That’s the message that’s coming through loud and clear from the government’s push for large-scale green energy mandates. This is true even in the face of a bear market and all the signals we’re seeing of recession.

That’s because recently passed Inflation Reduction Act earmarks $369 billion toward green energy subsidies, with much of the money directed at encouraging the purchase of EVs. But the bill does hardly anything to address the major issue with EVs, namely where will all the lithium come from to underpin this wholesale switch to electric vehicles?

The obvious and unsettling answer to that question is China, which controls the lithium supply chain from one end to the other.

In a world where the Cold War with China continues to heat up, particularly over Taiwan, that’s a precarious position for the U.S. to be in. And it sets up non-Chinese-owned lithium projects as potentially huge winners should China decide to cut the U.S. off from its supply of lithium batteries.

This positions lithium to be a great potential investment despite the falling market and the recession.

And I’ve found one little-known lithium company called Grounded Lithium (OTC: GRDAF; TSXV:GRD) that is well-positioned for potential gains, especially since it is situated in the West and not under Chinese control.

U.S. flails in battle for civilizational metals

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Lee Bellinger, editor of Off-Grid Confidential newsletter. My monthly, investment-oriented publication delivers ideas to protect and grow your wealth in any market environment.

I also have a business that has sold thousands of state-of-the-art, solar-powered generators, which use lithium batteries. I’ve experienced first-hand how supply chain issues can impact the lithium market.

I rarely accept paid endorsements, but the need for Western-Controlled lithium mining operation is dire. 

That’s why I’m bringing Grounded Lithium (OTC: GRDAF; TSXV:GRD) to your attention now because I believe the U.S., under this administration, has been asleep at the switch with regard to lithium sourcing.

Sure, Biden and his cronies have passed a big climate change bill larded up with green energy subsidies, but they haven’t thought through where the lithium to drive its plans is going to come from.

Essentially, in the battle for civilizational metals, the U.S. is losing to China.

That fact has consequences, one of which is that, should China stop supplying the U.S. with lithium batteries, there’ll be a mad scramble for lithium projects. It’s a scenario that could set Grounded Lithium and its Saskatchewan-based lithium project up for material share price growth, should U.S.-China relations go south.

And here’s why Grounded Lithium (OTC: GRDAF; TSXV:GRD) deserves consideration in your portfolio as a potential standout performer in the midst of a bear market and recession.


Why Grounded Lithium
OTC: GRDAF) Deserves Consideration in Your Portfolio

China is dominating in lithium.

 The chart below from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence underscores the power China has in the lithium market.


Lithium chart


Not only does China control 23% of the mining required to make lithium batteries, but it controls 80% of the midstream chemical refining, 66% of the midstream cathode and anode business, and 73% of the downstream market for the batteries themselves.

And that 23% figure for mining doesn’t do justice to China’s dominance in that area, as the country has cut deals in all the major lithium mining jurisdictions (e.g., Australia and South America’s Lithium Triangle countries of Chile, Argentina and Bolivia).

Simply put, the Chinese have been running circles around the U.S. and the West when it comes to securing large, mined supplies of lithium.


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The U.S. is desperate to secure its lithium supply chain.

That dominance leaves the U.S. and its allies in Europe in a tough spot. Their governments have committed to transitioning to a lithium-based, EV-oriented economy, but they are almost wholly dependent on China to make that transition happen.

Between them, the U.S. and Europe have two active lithium mines that supply only a nominal amount of the energy metal.

By continuing to rely on the Chinese for the majority of their lithium-ion battery needs, the West opens itself up to resource blackmail, should China decide to get more aggressive with Taiwan.


Car companies are scrambling to secure lithium supplies.

And it’s not just governments that are worried about where to source lithium.

The car companies are looking around after the commitments they’ve made to electrify their fleets and realizing that they’re going to have to secure the lithium themselves.

Hence, German automakers VW and Mercedes Benz recently signed memorandums of understanding with Canada for that country to supply critical minerals like lithium.

They took this action because all their pledges to electrify their fleets won’t mean much if they can’t get their hands on the lithium to make them happen or can only do so at extortionist prices which will ultimately be passed on to the consumer who will find them unaffordable.

Tiny Grounded Lithium Corp. is not Chinese-owned.

All this pressure to find non-Chinese-owned sources of lithium has put companies like Grounded Lithium Corp. (OTC: GRDAF; TSXV:GRD) in an enviable position and could set it up to be a potentially profitable stock despite the falling market.

As you can see from the map below, Grounded Lithium’s Kindersley project lies on trend with several lithium resources between southeast Saskatchewan and northwest Alberta.


Drilling on Kindersley has already established that it’s a source of lithium brines at economic productivity rates. In fact, it has an inferred resource of 4.2 million tonnes of carbonate equivalent.

Grounded Lithium has been in discussion with developers about an extraction process called direct lithium extraction (“DLE”) that would allow the company to generate battery-grade lithium with a small environmental footprint.

In a world where the footprints of the lithium brine projects in South America and open pit hard rock lithium mining projects (primarily in Australia) can be quite large, the use of DLE has the potential to be a big advantage for GLC.

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Bottom line: The opportunity for big gains with Grounded Lithium (OTC: GRDAF; TSXV:GRD) merits your attention, particularly if the Cold War with China heats up. It looks like a potentially good investment in the face of a falling market.

I encourage you to do your due diligence on Grounded Lithium (OTC: GRDAF; TSXV:GRD), and to help you with that process, I’ve produced a free report entitled: Lithium Bonanza: How You Can Profit from the Green Energy Supply Squeeze.

In it, you’ll find a detailed account of why I think Grounded Lithium (OTC: GRDAF; TSXV:GRD) is in position to clean up in the global scrum for lithium that’s about to take place.

Just so you know, I am an avid researcher of speculative investment opportunities, not an accredited financial advisor. All mining opportunities are speculative, every single one. So never invest more than you may safely afford to lose. 

FREE Report report reveals why Grounded Lithium is our #1 “built-to-last” investment for 2023.

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